Connect Genymotion by adding genymotion plugin to eclipse

In one of my previous posts I showed how to download and install genymotion in your computer. But to run android applications that you have built, genymotion virtual device has to get connected with eclipse. So in this tutorial I will show how to connect genymotion in order to run and test your android application in it.

1. Setup genymotion plugin in eclipse

Here I assume you have fulfilled all the prerequisites in order to develop android applications using eclipse.
After opening eclipse go to help menu and press Install new software


In the given “Work with:” space, type “Genymotion – press Add

In the popup windows type as it shows in the following image

Then select Genymobile and press next



Finally it will add genymotion to eclipse. Now you can see a small icon which represents the genymotion virtual device.

2. Run android project in genymotion

After successfully setting up genymotion in eclipse now you can use it to run what you have built so far.
Before starting to run any projects you need to start genymotion virtual device

Click the above shown small icon in order to start a genymotion virtual device and it will prompt to select a device which we have already downloaded and installed. If you don’t know how to do it follow my previous tutorial.

Select a device and press start then it will start the genymotion emulator.


Now to run your project by selecting the genymotion emulator.

Follow the steps as shown in the following images.




As shown above, select the virtual device and press ok. The project will then run in the previously started genymotion virtual device.

You can see how fast the application starts compared to other inbuilt emulators. So you can run any project in the similar way.

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