Get a Faster Android Emulator to run applications

In this tutorial I will show you how run your android application much faster than in the normal emulator.  The new emulator is known as genymotion. You’ll need VirtualBox installed, and you’ll also need to sign up for a free Genymotion account before you can start download virtual machines.

1. Go to the main genymotion web site and sign up in order to download genymotion

After signing up you will be able to download genymotion. While downloading it will ask to download VirtualBox so if your machine doesn’t have it let it be downloaded.

2. After downloading process is completed run the setup

Not many issues keep on pressing next, easy setup process. It will prompt to install virtualbox and if it is already installed just ignore it.

3. Run Genymotion

After the installation process run genymotion.

Then the main interface would look like this. Play around and get familiar with it. Here in the list it shows the devices which I have already downloaded and installed.

I will show you how to add a new device

As shown in the following picture press Add button, then it will prompt a new window.

Here select a device to be downloaded from the list. After selecting a device press Next. you will see more details of the device that you have selected.

Start downloading the device by pressing next

4. After downloading virtual devices you can run it. Select a device from the list and press Play then the device will start automatically.

You can see how fast this works compare to other android emulators. Because it takes advantages of OpenGL hardware acceleration, it allows you to test your applications with amazing 3D performance.

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